Monday, January 4, 2010

What a bicycle-friendly country !

When Greevz Fisher (see other blog entry) would have been riding around England in the 1920s, he would, no doubt, occasionally overnight at a pub. Even though he was a teetotaller (what missed opportunities) they would have been preferred accommodation as many pubs were, and still are, very bicycle-friendly.

In fact even today, old CTC signs can still be seen on pub walls:

And just to give things a personal touch, here is my grandmother's CTC membership card:

In case you are not familiar with the CTC, here are a few milestones from their early days.

1878. Bicycle Touring Club founded at Harrogate by Stanley Cotterell and 80 members elected.

1883. Organization re-titled 'Cyclists' Touring Club'. Membership reached 10,627.

1884. 'Danger' road signs produced, mainly to warn of steep hills due to the poor brakes of early bicycles.

1887. The CTC hotel signs adopted, massive cast-iron winged wheels that may still be seen on the walls of old pubs etc. throughout the British Isles.

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