Sunday, September 26, 2010

Beating up on a Mannequin

Beating up on a mannequin and then on a plastic doll did not seem to be a gentlemanly sport. But they could not protest and so the pummeling continued. And that is what it takes. When somebody’s heart has stopped, perhaps far from medical resources, CPR is the most effective way to keep oxygen flowing to the brain. And a defibrillator can sometimes restart the errant heart so that hopefully the outcome is not a tragedy.

Inspired by Stan Truxillo’s remarkable recovery from a massive heart attack, in large measure the result of quickly-administered CPR, fifteen ACA members took the First Aid/CPR class offered by the Austin-Travis County EMS folks.

In addition to the CPR training itself, we learned how to recognize and respond to strokes, choking fits, seizures, heat-stroke, bleeding, broken limbs, snake bites, bee stings and a host of other potential disasters that we might encounter while out on the bikes.

The class was well-run, effective and fun for most of the time! Take it: you might save a life.

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